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All 4 Diving Liveaboards are experts in the dive liveaboard industry. Our highly knowledgeable team has a combined 80 years’ experience in the scuba diving industry. For 40 of those years we lived and worked on liveaboards. We more than anyone understand what divers need and what divers want.

Our team has local knowledge in all the areas that our boats operate. Our aim is to provide an easy platform for divers to enjoy and experience liveaboards all over the world. We want to introduce you to new and exciting destinations in protected marine areas establishing eco travel for divers.

Please contact our team if you have any questions. You can use the contact form below, email us on [email protected], or call us on +44 7480 488 600 / +1 (424) 400 2323.

Availability for your preferred trip may change so we suggest you go ahead with your online reservation so we can hold your place while we answer any questions for you.

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About Us

All 4 Diving Liveaboards have a dedicated team of experienced dive and travel professionals who know the live aboard industry inside and out. We have a great general knowledge of all areas, and we each specialise in several locations.

Kay, our founder and CEO says: “Our goal is to provide you, the guest, with the best experience from online booking to boat so you can be confident that all has been taken care of for this leg of your dream journey”.

After 25 years in media for some of the world’s best advertising agencies, Kay took a short break which turned into literally a “sea change”. Learning to dive aged 40, she quickly became a PADI MSDT, and now has over 9,000 dives. Kay knows what you need for a smooth dive holiday, having worked on liveaboards as an instructor and Cruise Director in Australia, Thailand, Burma, Andaman Islands, the Red Sea and extensively throughout Indonesia. She has also had the pleasure of diving in Fiji, Belize, Bonaire, Cozumel and Honduras. Kay’s experience in managing two liveaboards and our sister company All 4 Diving Indonesia, dovetails nicely into All 4 Diving Liveaboards’ field.


Whan has been a passionate diver ever since starting in 2003 at the age of 23. She gave up her professional life as a marine scientist, counting fish scales in a lab, to work on liveaboards across Southeast Asia. First in Thailand, Myanmar and India and then ended up working on liveaboards in Indonesia. She has also dived in Galapagos and Spain. Her favourite kind of dive is with strong currents because she likes to see all the predatory action and fish in rapid motion. She also likes muck diving because of the variety of small, weird critters. Her favourite marine life is dolphins and nudibranchs. In 2011, she stopped working on liveaboards and became the manager of All 4 Diving Indonesia.

Nic has always been a water baby but found her passion in 2002 when traveling in Thailand. Being a diver and diving once in a while was not enough. The Ocean was calling and in 2004 the sea became her office. Diving around the world in places like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, Bermuda, Honduras, Palau, Galapagos and the chilly waters in Europe. Nic loves to watch fish behavior. From turtles getting cleaned by shrimps, a manta courting chain and fish spawning with sharks hunting. Also how man made items like ships go back by nature and become new reefs and homes for many creatures. Still wanting to share her love for the sea, she can find you the best Liveaboards to take you there.

Always having loved being in and on the water, Pit discovered diving in Egypt on a holiday in 2004. After returning there several times realizing how much she loved to breath under water she became an instructor. On days off she still went diving to get her technical diving certifications. Her diving career brought her from Egypt, Malaysia and Thailand to Indonesia. She also dived in the colder waters of Europe and the Philippines. She is especially impressed by mantas and sharks, but also loves coral reefs and small critters. For her being under water will never get boring. As teaching diving was a passion for her, she still thoroughly enjoys advising people on their next diving adventure / liveaboard.

About us Debs

Debs has been working in the dive and travel industry for almost twenty years in locations around the five continents. With experience of working in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean and Central America, she can assist you with your enquiries. Debs will help you find the perfect destination for your liveaboard cruise and the ideal vessel to suit your needs. Any dive is considered great by Debs, from finding the larger pelagic life to the smallest critters, on fast drift dives or chilling out in the same location on a reef. As an experienced instructor, cruise director and travel agent she can answer all the questions you may have.

Enni About Us page

Enni has been working for All 4 Diving Indonesia in Bali for seven years. She has now joined the All 4 Diving Liveaboards team. Enni joined all 4 Diving Liveaboards at the very beginning and she a very important person in our team. She is an open water diver and has extensive knowledge of the diving in Indonesia. We will be offering a full service for liveaboards Indonesia and Enni will be your point of contact. We can book your domestic travel arrangements, hotels, diving resorts and even dive trips around Bali. Enni’s favourite see creature is turtles – she loves them!

Melinda About us page

Melinda was born in Magelang in Central Java, Indonesia. After moving to Bali, she decided to dedicate her life to the tourism industry. Melinda graduated from the Bali Tourism Institute with a degree in Event Management and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions. Melinda has traveled in Indonesia and she has a great knowledge in all the wonderful activities that are offered in Indonesia. With her knowledge she will take care of our guests who want to travel before or after their liveaboard adventure. She is a very enthusiastic open water diver and her favourite fish are parrotfish.

Yusuf was born in Bali and graduated from the Warmadewa University with a Bachelor degree in Economy Management. He is one of our team who communicates with all liveaboards operators around the world. His confident skills in organisation brings to All 4 Diving Liveaboards great value. He keeps all the news up to date with all our liveaboards operators and our office, ensuring that our guests get the latest updates, availabilities, discounts, special offers and new destination routes. Yusuf’s favourite dive site in Bali is the Liberty Wreck.


All 4 Diving Liveaboards represents liveaboard operators from all over the world. We have partnered with large fleets such as Aggressor and Emperor. But we also work with individual liveaboards. We offer many destinations to choose from around the world with reliable and long-established vessels. The dive operators have been individually selected based on several factors. The destination, the high level of service, quality of the vessels and safety features onboard. We are partners with many of the well know dive fleets such as Aggressor, Siren, Emperor, Explorer Ventures, Carpe Diem and many more.

Payment Partners

We want to make your payment process simple and so we have partnered with the best! We work with PayPal and Stripe We will not charge any extra fees for using any of our payment options.

Employment Opportunities

If you have experience in the dive industry and you are interested in joining a lively, friendly team of divers, please send us your CV to [email protected].