Americas Diving Destinations

Americas Diving Destinations

The Americas as a diving destination offers diverse and world-class dive sites. Some of the best diving destinations in the world are found here such as Cocos Island and Galapagos.

The Americas as a dive destination cover a vast area encompassing many different countries as well as two continents. Destinations are diverse and varied due to the many different topography and climates covered in the region.

Shark diving is prevalent here, with all of the countries offering liveaboards where it is possible to swim with these amazing creatures. The protected waters of Cocos Island and Galapagos bring in massive quantities of many shark species. Guadalupe in Mexico offers dedicated great white shark cage dives, and Hawaii has many shark interactions.

Some of the destinations have some challenging conditions with the open sea and strong currents, but the rewards are tremendous. The Americas has something for every diver to enjoy.

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Best Places to Dive in the Americas

The Americas covers some great dive destinations with Galapagos, Cocos Islands, Mexico and Hawaii all featuring here. Some of the top dives destinations in the world that are on divers must do lists.

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This small chain of islands far from the coast of Ecuador has the most diverse and abundant marine life. Galapagos is a challenging dive area, but the islands of Darwin and Wolf are on the top of many divers wish lists. Mammals, sharks, rays, endemic species all reside here waiting to be visited.

Galapagos scuba diving

Costa Rica's protected island far from the mainland is a shark diver's heaven. The variety and sheer numbers of these extraordinary creatures spotted here makes Cocos Island unique. Predictable encounters with whale sharks, hammerheads and manta rays among others make this a unique dive destination.

Cocos Island scuba diving destination

The liveaboard diving in Mexico covers three specific areas that all differ significantly from each other. Socorro is known for the giant Pacific manta ray interactions. Guadalupe for the cage diving with the great white sharks. Lastly The Sea of Cortez for the playful interactions with sea lions among other marine life.

Mexico scuba destination destination

The isolated islands of Hawaii with the warm clear water and ever-changing topography have some unique dives. To complement the lava tubes, caves, drop off, and wrecks, divers can also do two spectacular night dives, the blackwater and manta night dives, both unique to Hawaii.

Hawaii destination scuba diving