Guadalupe Diving Mexico

Guadalupe Diving Mexico

For diving with great white sharks, Guadalupe liveaboard cruises are a once in a lifetime experience where encounters with this amazing creature are guaranteed.

A Guadalupe liveaboard is unlike any other you would join worldwide. These fantastic liveaboard cruises are dedicated to diving with great white sharks only, no other reason.

Cages are used for all dives, whether on the surface or lowered to 10m of depth. There are no actual dive sites, just a thrilling cage dive that can be joined by divers and non-certified divers alike.

For the non certified divers, they must remain at the surface in the cages with a hookah air supply. Certified divers are lowered inside the cages, some of which have a space for exiting below the water. Cages are open for majority of the sunlight hours meaning many dives can be completed. Guests can maximise the interaction time with the great white sharks in this once in a lifetime experience.

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Guadalupe Diving Mexico - 5 LIVEABOARDS

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Liveaboard diving with Aggressor in Socorro Islands, Mexico

The Aggressors Socorro Liveaboard with the best diving in Socorro and Mexico.

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Solmar V Liveaboard in Mexico

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Nautilus Under Sea Liveaboard in Mexico

The converted research vessel Nautilus Under Sea is ideal for smaller dive groups

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Guadalupe Liveaboard

Guadalupe Diving

Guadalupe is one of a very few places where liveaboards can dive with great white sharks in their natural habitats. The island is an extinct volcano that is only 35 by 9km and has less than 300 residents, located on the west coast of Mexico this is part of the Baja California state.

The reason for the popularity of this area is the clear water that is still relatively warm, visibility can reach 50m, and the water is 19 to 22 Celsius. This means the sharks can be identified easily and almost 200 individuals are known. The sharks do vary the time of year they arrive and are present from July until October. The younger males are first to arrive in July and August, with the females coming in September, leading to a mix of genders. The last month of the season is usually the older larger females.

On the island is a population of Guadalupe fur seals reaching over 10,000, this is the only breeding ground for these seals and the Northern elephant seals. These can be food attracting the great white sharks to this area.

There are no dive sites as such for the Guadalupe liveaboards, no reef dives, schooling fish or macro life, fins are not even needed. All dives are inside cages, and the dive area is around the island. The crew will decide based on conditions of the day where to lower the cages into the water for the maximum activity.

Non-divers can use the surface cages with a hookah air supply. The cages are open from 6 am to dusk for everyone on board to use.

Certified divers are lowered to 10m where the great whites will cruise past as you stay inside the safety of the cages. Some of the liveaboards have open topped cages, allowing divers to exit the cage and have an unbarred experience of being with these amazing sharks. There can multiple different individuals seen per dive, the photographs and identification of which takes place onboard each evening.

Other Activities

There are no other activities on board the liveaboards to Guadalupe.

Marine Park and Conservation in Guadalupe

The whole island of Guadalupe is a protected area with a biosphere reserve. Chumming the water is restricted to retain the natural behaviour of the sharks and limit invasive interactions.