Australia Liveaboards

Australia Liveaboards

Australia is diverse and unique both topside and underwater. Join a liveaboard cruise to experience the fantastic East and West coast of this vast continent.

Australia  liveaboards cruises are on most divers bucket list and an excellent option for adventure travelers to the country.  Join a trip to see more of the underwater world in this fantastic destination. Australia has an extensive coastline most of which has some excellent dive sites. Plus it has the largest barrier reef in the world. Diving can be done all around the 25,000km of coastline, but it does vary enormously depending on the state and area you are visiting.

Divers, snorkelers, and guests wanting to gain a dive certification can all join a liveaboard cruise.  You can be immersed into the destination – literally.  Enjoy the clear warm waters that have easy to navigate sites with abundant marine, and coral life.

The primary location for the liveaboards is out of Cairns to the Great Barrier reef which covers over 2000km in length. Famed for the shallow colourful coral gardens the inner area is suitable for every guest.  There are plenty of turtles, groupers, sharks, reef fish and even whales and dolphins. 

The outer reef includes Cod hole, Osprey reef and Ribbon reefs with fabulous topography, coral, and marine sightings.

Liveaboards offer a rare chance to visit the pristine reefs of Rowley Shoals off Western Australia. This remote and uncrowded marine park allows only a limited number of divers each year.

For adrenalin seeking divers look no further than South Australia and the famous cage dives with great white sharks.

Whichever destination you choose while in Australia you will make a lifetime of memories from your cruise.

Take a look at the Liveaboard Cruise options below.

Australia Liveaboards - 10 LIVEABOARDS

From $239 / day

Coral Expeditions II Liveaboard in Australia

An Australian liveaboard with a marine biologist and scuba diving on some itineraries.

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From $364 / day

Coral Discoverer Liveaboard in Australia

A liveaboard in Australia that offers adventure cruises with scuba diving on some itineraries

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Rodney Fox Expedition in Australia

Join this specialised shark cage diving Liveaboard in Southern Australia

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Australia Liveaboards

Best places to dive in Australia

Australia offers a large variety of diving around its island shores. The vast majority choose to dive at the Great Barrier reef due to its remarkable diversity and ease of access from Cairns. The liveaboards can also offer dives in the Cod Hole, Ribbon Reef and Coral Sea areas which provide breathtaking un-spoilt coral along with fantastic visibility.

Best places to dive in Australia

Australia offers a large variety of diving around its island shores. The vast majority choose to dive at the Great Barrier reef due to its remarkable diversity and ease of access from Cairns. The liveaboards can also offer dives in the Cod Hole, Ribbon Reef and Coral Sea areas which provide breathtaking un-spoilt coral along with fantastic visibility.

Great Barrier Reef

Join a flexible cruise where you can depart almost any day for a short cruise to the inner barrier reef. Here dives are easy and marine life is plentiful, non-divers are welcomed onboard to either snorkel or try diving for the first time. Certification courses are also possible on request.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

Osprey, Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs

These destinations are located on the outer area of the Great Barrier reef.  This area is suitable for divers with some experience due to the open nature of the dive sites. Fantastic reefs lead to drop-offs down to an abyss where sharks and manta rays can regularly be seen. In the right season, special trips are offered to view the migration of whales.

Destination Coral Sea Australia

Rowley Shoals and Kimberly

The Western coast of Australia has some unique dives with the isolated and pristine area of the Rowley Shoals. The three reefs, Mermaids, Clerke and Imperieuse Reef are all under marine park protection and are rarely visited due to the short season it is open for each year

Western Australia Scuba Diving Sites

Neptune Islands South Australia

Diving in the Southern state of Australia offers cooler water that attracts the Great White Sharks to the Neptune islands. Here there are colonies of both New Zealand seals and the rarer Australian Sea Lions. Snorkelling opportunities are availible with these in the correct season. 

South Australia Scuba Diving Destination

Best Dive Sites in Australia

There are so many dive sites in Australia, so it is difficult to pick out the highlights. For more information about the best dive sites in Australia take a look at each destination (click on the links above).

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier reef is a vast area with a multitude of dive sites, almost impossible to name these individually. In general, the area is split into reefs with many individual sites on those reefs.

Too numerous to mention all the areas here, please look at the area description which has a lot of information.

Osprey Reef

Is generally considered the best diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef area. The reef is the furthest point visited and has nutrient-rich water. It is beyond the continental shelf and currents carry these upwards to the sites.

Jimmy goes to China

This unusually named site is famed for the shark action and many pelagic sightings along the 40m wall. Currents can run actively here which entice the grey reef and silver tip sharks in the deep water. Joining the action in the coral covered walls are schools of fusilers, barracuda and snappers.

Vee in the Wall and Odyssey Alley

These sites are both located at the reef edge that then descends to the deep ocean floor. Here sailfish, and humpback whales can be seen. 

Australia's Scuba Diving Highlights

Common Sightings – Napoleon wrasse, Turtles, Reef sharks, Groupers,

Special Sightings – Minke Whales, Dolphins, Dugons, Weedy scorpionfish, Humpback whales, Hammerhead sharks, Manta rays

Topography - Shallow reefs, bommies, coral gardens, walls, drop-offs

Visibility - 20m+

Certification recommendations - Diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is available for all certified divers, and conditions are ideal for newer divers to enjoy most of the sites. An exception is the more open sites of the Cod Hole and the Coral Sea.

Onboard options - Snorkelling, some trips have a stunning low-level flight included, and some have beach and waterfall visits.

Best Time to Go

Australia is a vast continent which has diving in most of its states. The seasons for each dive destination do vary, and so in Australia, you can dive all year round.

For Queensland and Eastern Australia, late August to early December is considered the best diving conditions. There are some seasonal variations with specific marine life sightings.

It is considered the best time to dive the Rowley Shoals from October to December in Western Australia.

Check each dive destination in the links above to find the best time to go for each area.

How to Get There

The main port for the Great barrier reef liveaboard cruises is Cairns in Queensland. For Rowley Shoals and the Kimberley area, cruises depart from Borneo on the west coast. For details see each destination area.

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