Caribbean Dive Destinations

Caribbean Dive Destinations

Caribbean diving destinations are renowned for clear and calm waters with many pelagic encounters. Swimming with sharks is standard on liveaboard cruises.


The Caribbean as a diving destination covers a large area and many different countries. Dive sites, with a few exceptions, are accessible to all divers regarding conditions and navigation and have clear, calm water. With the diverse and extensive Caribbean Sea, there is something for every diver in the Caribbean.

The healthy reefs of the Turks and Caicos with their mainly uninhabited islands. The Cayman Islands have the well-known interactions with stingrays in the shallow water sites. The Bahamas shark diving is filmed and photographed by divers worldwide. The Belize Blue Hole is probably the dive site every scuba diver knows by name and reputation. Cuba lacked tourism for a long time has pristine reefs that are home to many reef sharks. The British Virgin Islands has some of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean sea.The Lesser Antilles is renowned for the deep water pinnacles of Saba and historical sites of St Kitts. Honduras is well known for the whale shark sightings occurring in the famous Roatan Bay.

Dive liveaboards are the preference for most avid scuba divers to reach these sometimes distant sites in comfort. There are many luxury options for the liveaboard cruises. Budget-friendly options are available in the Bahamas that offer the same amazing dives, with a more backpacker feel.

As a dive destination, the Caribbean can be revisited many times as each island has its own unique feel, history and culture.

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Caribbean Dive Destinations - 22 LIVEABOARDS

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Best Places to Dive in the Caribbean

There are many destinations to choose from in the Caribbean each with their own unique topography and dive style. Click on the links below for more detailed information about these great diving destinations.

With some of the clearest water in any ocean, The Bahamas has a range of exciting dives. From Blue holes to shipwrecks with coral reefs, caverns and tunnels there is something for every diver. Shark dives are famous here with hammerhead, oceanic white tips, lemon and tiger sharks among the visitors.

Bahamas Scuba Diving Destination

The barrier reef of Belize is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1996 and the second largest in the world. With over 100 coral species and abundant marine life, it is a divers paradise. Walls, caves, reef and of course the famous Blue Hole make Belize the ideal destination.

Belize scuba diving destination

The three islands of The Caymans are easily accessible from Miami and have year-round diving. Here are some of the best wall dives in the Caribbean along with wreck, reef, pinnacle and shark dives. Home to many turtles, morays and eagle rays, a liveaboard trip will be an unforgettable holiday.

Cayman Islands Scuba Diving Destination

The Cuban Liveaboards can dive in two locations, the Jardines de la Reina and the Canarreos Archipelago. They are both protected areas, and with Cuba's lack of tourism until recent years the reefs are in pristine condition. Reef sharks are present for almost every dive and Cuba is unique with a chance to snorkel with crocodiles.

Cuba destination scuba diving

Join a liveaboard cruise to the Dominican Republic for the largest humpback whale migration of the year. There is no diving on the cruise but the experience of swimming with the whales which pass these waters for three months each year is impressive. Spend time snorkelling and watching courtships then mothers and calves with over 3000 whales.

Dominican Republic destination ©Thomas Kelley

The Bay Islands which are part of the 2nd largest barrier reef are the destination of the Roatan liveaboard. Here there are steep walls, wrecks, good sponge life and many macro critters to see on each dive. Pelagic species such as Caribbean reef sharks, dolphins and even the whale sharks are a regular sighting here.

Roatan scuba diving destination

The two islands are very different but offer some of the best diving in the Caribbean. The diversity of the underwater topography complements each other perfectly. Saba has deep water pinnacles, many sharks, good coral and sponge life. St Kitts has the historical sites and shipwrecks. The combined one-way cruise provides the ideal time for each location.

Saba & St Kitts scuba diving destination

The mainly uninhabited islands of Turks and Caicos are an ideal Caribbean liveaboard destination. The deep water passageway between Turks and the Providenciales is on the migration route for humpback whales between December and May along with passing hammerhead sharks. The island's reefs have excellent coral coverage and a multitude of macro life.

Turks & Caicos scuba diving destination

Previously a pirate haunt the waters here have some beautiful reefs that are home to some underwater shipwrecks in the British Virgin Islands, offering some amazing dives in clear blue water.

British Virgin Islands Scuba Diving Destination