Indian Ocean Dive Destinations

Indian Ocean Dive Destinations

The Indian Ocean offers some amazing diving with liveaboard cruises to the Maldives and Seychelles. Enjoy incredible marine life and fantastic beaches.

The Indian Ocean as a dive destination covers the Maldives, Andaman Islands and Seychelles. All locations in the Indian Ocean are renowned for their white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Seychelles makes an excellent destination for divers and non-divers alike. Off the coast of Africa, its shallow reefs are teeming with tropical fish. The calm seas make for ideal conditions for all watersports including diving and snorkelling. During the liveaboard cruises, there are many land-based activities with visits to nature reserves. Guests have the perfect opportunity to see the giant tortoise habitat.

The Maldives is a famous location for interactions with larger pelagic life in its clear warm waters. There are a tremendous variety of liveaboards in the Maldives meaning there will be an ideal cruise for any diver. Each vessel can have several itineraries throughout the year, offering a superb range of dive destinations. In the atolls, there are many cleaning stations for manta rays, a highlight of any trip. The fantastic Baa Atoll has predictable whale shark encounters during the season.

The Andaman Islands are remote and pristine with very few liveaboard cruises visiting this region. The short season means that cruises can get busy as spaces are very limited in this relatively unexplored area.

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Indian Ocean Dive Destinations - 55 LIVEABOARDS

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Best Places to Dive in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives is high on any diver's list of countries to visit and a liveaboard cruise is the perfect way to explore the dive sites in luxury.

The Seychelles offers a perfect combination of diving and nature. With both traditional and modern vessels that include terrestrial nature reserve visits on your cruise.

The Andaman Islands are the perfect place to cruise to a remote and uncrowded area with pristine reefs under marine protection.

Madagascar is a new destination for liveaboard cruises offering both Whale Sharks interactions and Humpback whale migration cruises.

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The tropical paradise of the Seychelles is an exclusive destination for a liveaboard safari. The turquoise waters have tropical reefs, walls, pinnacles and drop-offs that are swarming with fish life and covered in coral. For variety, there are also wrecks and canyons to explore on this memorable cruise.

Seychelles scuba diving destination

Explore world-class dive sites of the Maldives from the comfort of a liveaboard cruise. With walls, pinnacles and reefs, the topography is ever-changing on the multitude of dive sites on offer. Cruises offer a high chance of the larger pelagic sightings with mantas and whale sharks common through most of the year on one of the many atolls.

The remote and relatively unexplored area of The Andaman Islands offers uncrowded diving on pristine reefs. Join a cruise here to see the national animal, a dugong along with many Palegic sightings including Manta Rays and Whale sharks.

Destination Andaman Islands scuba diving

Madagascar is just opening for Liveaboard cruises, and the amazing Nosy B area offers some untouched reefs and pristine diving. Here you can observe passing whale sharks and migrating Humpback whales in the season. Liveaboards are private charters for 4 or more guests on sailing catamarans for a unique experience.

Madagascar Scuba Diving Destination