Seychelles Liveaboard Diving

Seychelles Liveaboard Diving

A liveaboard cruise to the pristine and remote location of Seychelles offers some fantastic dives. The area is protected both above and below water to give fascinating land tours too.

A Seychelles liveaboard cruise offers more than diving; nature reserves and island visits are integrated into your safari. The Seychelles are located off the African coast and north of Mauritius and Madagascar. The 73 coral and 42 granite islands of the archipelago are just south of the equator.

This tropical destination has white sand beaches, lush vegetation, smooth granite rocks and clear blue water throughout the archipelago.

The whole area is a strictly protected both above and below water to retain the natural beauty of the islands. There are both granite formations underwater along with the more typical reef structures. Both substrate types have incredibly varied and prolific reef life.

Two main destinations are grouped as the Inner Islands and Outer Islands. Dive sites are comfortable and suitable for newer divers and snorkelers alike with plenty to see in both the deeper and shallow areas. The Outer Islands are a place where divers can see many sharks, with silvertips, oceanic white tips, whale sharks and hammerheads.

Take a look at the Seychelles Liveaboard Diving Cruise options below as well as information on dive sites, best time to go, & more.

Seychelles Liveaboard Diving - 5 LIVEABOARDS

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Maya's Dugong Liveaboard in Seychelles

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Galatea Liveaboard in Seychelles

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Sea Star Liveaboard in Seychelles

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Diving in Seychelles

Seychelles has stunning blue water containing the tropical islands with white sand beaches. Beautiful reefs surround the islands, or there are coral atolls that are equally as impressive to see.

Diving is on the many reefs, pinnacles, drop offs, wrecks or canyons, so there is very diverse topography. As a protected area marine life is both diverse and plentiful. Strict conservation rules apply to over 40% of the land and water mass of Seychelles.

The Outer Islands have most of the larger pelagic life, drop-offs and wreck dives. Here, manta rays and some of the best coral can be found. Whale sharks are seen at the Inner Islands year-round, peak times are August, then October to January.
Turtles nest in the area too so plenty are in the waters for divers to encounter.

Best Places to Dive in Seychelles

Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles offers two distinct diving destinations. Their locations designate the split and they are named the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands.

The Inner Islands consist of 43 islands in total, 41 granite and two coralline and are within the shallow Seychelles plateau.

The Outer Islands are to the south and are all atolls and reef islands constructed from coralline cays.

Seychelles has Aldabra within its territory. This is the second largest raised coral atoll in the world, so immense the whole island of Mahe could be held within the lagoon. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is untouched by man.

Best Dive Sites in Seychelles

Shark Bank

The site is a vast granite plateau with boulders and channels that is home to a multitude of marine life. One of the best dive sites in Seychelles and whale sharks are regularly seen here. Eagle rays, marble rays and reef sharks are present on the coral encrusted boulders with schooling jacks, snappers and barracudas.

The Brissare Rocks

A granite reef between Mahe and Praslin that has a multitude of marine life around it. Hard coral covers the boulders with moray eels and crustaceans in the cracks. Schooling fish cover the area with turtles and reef sharks being a common sighting here.

Ennerdale Wreck

This intact wreck has a massive bronze propeller, and the wheelhouse is easily accessible. Thus British Auxilary tanker sank after hitting unchartered rocks and was later sunk by explosives as salvage was impossible. The structure can be penetrated by advanced divers and has a healthy invertebrate life. Batfish, giant groupers, fusileers and barracuda are surrounding the wreck. Leopard and reef sharks along with stingrays and eagle rays are found here.

The Fishermen's Cove Reef

A sloping reef that is ideal for all levels of divers but of great interest for macro photographers. The healthy corals radiate from a sandy plateau where there are plenty of hawksbill turtles to see.

Read more information about Seychelles Dive Sites

  • The Seychelles offers pristine diving in both the inner and outer islands. The visibility is excellent and sites vary from wrecks, reefs, boulders, walls and drop offs. For more information about Seychelles, please click on the photo.

Seychelles Scuba Diving Highlights

  • Common sightings - Barracuda, giant groupers, Napoleon wrasse, stingrays, turtles
  • Special sightings - Manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, grey reef sharks
  • Topography - Atolls, reefs, granite boulders, wrecks
  • Visibility - up to 30m
  • General information - The cruise is both a dive and nature expedition, suitable for all levels of divers with a few dive site exceptions.
  • Onboard options - Land excursions for birdwatching, giant tortoises and nature reserves.

Best Time to Go

Between March and May and September to November the water are at their calmest, meaning the more remote sites are open to visit. Water is also warmest at this time.

July and August have the monsoon from the southeast with choppy surface conditions, and the water cools to 25C. This does have the benefit of bringing the plankton and with this whale shark sightings increase. The downside is the reduction of visibility at this time of year.

Water temperature does vary from 25 to 29C during the year, so a 3mm shorty wetsuit to a 5mm long would be required depending on the month of travel.

How to Get There

There are many carriers who operate international flights arriving into Seychelles International Airport near the capital city of Victoria on the island of Mahé. Local flights are available from Mahé to Praslin for liveaboard departures. Do check the liveaboard itinerary for the departure port.

Country Information



Local time vs GMT




What to pack

Average temperature

Food and drink

Seychelles Rupee (SCR)

Not required

+4 hours

Seychellois Creole, English and French

Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on the island of Mahé


Lightweight clothes, beachwear

27 - 32 C daytime, 23 - 25 evenings

Spices, fish and chutneys with African, French and Indian influence