Pacific Dive Destinations

Pacific Dive Destinations

The Pacific Ocean destinations have exciting dive areas with some of the most diverse and pristine coral life found anywhere in the world.

The Pacific Ocean has the fantastic dive destinations of Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Each of the locations is remote and protected, so the reefs are in excellent conditions. Diversity is tremendous here, with coral, sponge and marine life species all exceeding the numbers found in many other countries. Critter life and muck diving is a highlight of many of the cruises.

All three destinations have some fascinating wrecks from World War II with interesting artefacts and history. Also in common are the shark dives, with predictable interactions and close up encounters.

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Pacific Dive Destinations - 7 LIVEABOARDS

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Best Places to Dive in the Pacific

Diverse and spectacular diving awaits visitors to the Pacific Ocean dive destinations. Pristine remote reefs, muck diving and World War II shipwrecks are just some of the highlights. Click on the links below for more detailed information about these great diving destinations.

The nutrient-rich waters of Fiji are an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing liveaboard cruise. The soft coral life here is second to none with swarming fish life and beautiful macro critters residing on the reefs. The sheer numbers of sharks on the dives are impressive, the sometimes intense currents bring both these and the manta rays into the waters.

Papua New Guinea has some of the richest reefs and marine life in the world. A part of the coral triangle diversity is exceptional with rare macro critters and exciting shark interactions. Put this together with the interesting World War II wrecks, and there is something for every diver to enjoy on a Papua New Guinea liveaboard cruise.

The Solomons offers some spectacular diving with the dramatic underwater scenery. There are reefs and caves swarmed by fish life, muck diving is remarkable and the sponge and corals profuse. The shipwrecks of the 48 vessels and hundreds of planes lost during the Second World War make for some of the best wreck diving worldwide.

Solomon Islands Scuba Diving Destination