Scuba Diving Fiji

Scuba Diving Fiji

Jacques Cousteau has called Fiji the soft coral capital of the world, and it has almost 400 varieties of coral and 1200 species of fish life.

Fiji is an archipelago in the South Pacific that consists of 332 islands with 10,000 km2 of reef.  The area offers substantial marine biodiversity for a memorable dive experience.

These volcanic islands are covered in tropical rainforests with white sand beaches that are surrounded by pristine reefs. There many endemic species making a Fijian liveaboard cruise a divers paradise. An example is the ‘twilight fangblenny’, only found here and one of the diving highlights.

Scuba diving offers both pelagic life and macro interest, and there are seven species of turtles found in the Fijian waters.

Migrating humpback and blue whales are found in the season allowing some of the best snorkelling with these magnificent creatures.

The fantastic visibility and warm waters mean the best diving in Fiji is open to all levels of divers, allowing for a fantastic experience in these islands of paradise.

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Diving in Fiji

Fiji is known for the stunning soft corals found in the area, but the best diving in Fiji can provide divers with a chance to swim with a variety of sharks and rays, huge schools of fish and a multitude of smaller creatures.

Often the dives are drifting with the strong current, over steep walls and pinnacles while spotting the varied marine life.

The pristine reefs hold many unusual finds from blue-ribbon eels to leafy scorpionfish. The vivid colours in the clear blue water and teaming fish life makes Fiji liveaboard diving an extraordinary experience.

Best Places to Dive in Fiji

Fiji diving can be split into several different areas that are visited by Fiji Liveaboard.

Viti Levu - This is the largest island in the archipelago, there are dive areas all around the island, Beqa, Blight Waters, and Kadavu offering some of the best diving in Fiji.

Koro Sea - has several dive areas, Gau Island, Makongi Island and Wakayu Island.

Makongi Island  - has unspoilt dive sites with many opportunities for shark diving and enjoying the fantastic manta rays found here.

Wakaya island - has varied topography and marine life with something for macro and big fish divers alike.

Namena Marine Reserve - is one of the most diverse areas in Fiji with pinnacles and drop-offs in the 70 km2 reef system

Best Dive Sites in Fiji

Beqa Lagoon

An excellent site for divers who want to swim with sharks. One of the best dives in Fiji with nine different species of sharks found here. Superb coral here as well.

Blue Ridge

This is a wall dive that slopes down to the abyss of the Koro Sea. In the blue there are schooling barracuda, white tip reef sharks and hammerheads can be seen.

North Save A Tack 

A wall drift dive with excellent visibility, schools of jacks, barracuda, and white tip, grey and nurse sharks even the occasional manta ray.


This seamount in Bligh water rises from 1000m and has nutrient-rich water funnelled between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

It is covered in hard and soft corals with eagle rays, trevally, barracuda, white tip reef sharks. The occasional whale shark and hammerhead shark are seen passing by in the current filled waters.

Nigali Passage

Close to Gau Island is a cut in the barrier reef known for the multiple grey reef sharks found there in the season. This is quite an experience as there is only a four-hour time window where conditions allow dives to take place here due to the unusual topography.

The vivid colours in clear blue water and teeming fish life makes Fiji a special place to visit even without the amazing shark dives that the sites are known for. For more information about Fiji Dive Sites, please click on the photo.

Fiji Scuba Diving Destination Sites

Fiji Scuba Diving Highlights

  • Common sightings – Turtles, manta rays, Reef sharks, barracuda, jackfish
  • Special sightings – Blue and humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, twilight fangblenny, ribbon eels, seahorses
  • Topography - Pinnacles, soft coral, drift dives,  wrecks
  • Visibility - 30m+ generally, but some sites 15m
  • General information - Open to all levels of divers, drift diving experience is advisable
  • Onboard options - Viewpoint and beach visits

Best Time to Go

Fiji can be dived all year round, but temperatures and rainfall do vary.

May to October is the dry winter season many suggest this is the best time to visit as visibility is always the best.

November to April is  summer and rainy season where the plankton is at the highest level reducing visibility but bringing in the whales and manta rays.

July to December has the coolest water at 22 to 25C August and September being the coolest.

November to April water temperature is 28 to 30C.

A 3mm shorty or 5mm long suit is recommended depending on the time of the visit.

How to Get There

Direct flight are available from Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong to Nadi airport.

Country Information



Local time vs GMT




What to pack

Average temperature

Food and drink

Fijian Dollar and USD widely accepted

On entry for most nationalities but check with local embassy

+12 hours

Fijian and English is spoken widely

Nadi (NAN)

Christian and Hindu

Suncream, lightweight and beach apparel

23 - 26 C daytime, 20 - 23 C evenings

Polynesian food, typically fresh fish and vegetables