Polynesia Diving Destinations

Polynesia Diving Destinations

Polynesia has luxury liveaboard cruises to the spectacular dive destination of French Polynesia. And to Tonga during the humpback whale migration season.

Polynesia diving destinations offer some of the most remote and exquisite diving in the world. The luxury liveaboard cruises travel one direction to ensure you see the most area during your stay onboard.

Tonga has the incredible migration of the humpback whales and snorkelling with these massive creatures. Dives are completed onboard but, around this extraordinary sight and experience.

French Polynesia is a great place for swimming with sharks, viewing manta ray cleaning stations and so much more. The remote reefs offer pristine corals and sponge life and are teeming with fish.

A liveaboard cruise is the best way to visit these special areas for a holiday to remember.

Take a look at the Liveaboard Cruise options below.

Polynesia Diving Destinations - 4 LIVEABOARDS

From $2,734 / day

Aqua Tiki III Liveaboard in French Polynesia

A charter only private sailing catamaran offering French Polynesia Diving for 10 guests

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From $566 / day

French Polynesia Master in French Polynesia

A luxury French Polynesia liveaboard offering the best diving in the area.

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From $478 / day

Aqua Tiki II Liveaboard in French Polynesia

An ideal sailing catamaran offering French Polynesia Diving for just 8 guests

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Best Places to Dive in French Polynesia

The dive destinations in French Polynesia is a highlight for any diver. In Tonga, swimming with humpback whales, is a once in a lifetime experience.  Click on the links below for more detailed information about these great destinations.

This region is stunning both above and below water. The remote French Polynesian islands offer fantastic coral growth, massive shark action with many species and manta ray cleaning stations. If all of this diversity is not enough, the pods of migrating humpback whale navigate these waters on the migration to Antarctica and are present for several months each year.

French Polynesia Scuba Diving Destination

Liveaboard cruises to Tonga tend to concentrate on the humpback whale migration that occurs for several months annually. During this time guests can snorkel and swim with these amazing creatures under the supervision of the crew. Diving does still happen, but there is no set schedule. Instead, the whales dictate the routes.

Tonga destination ©Sho Hatakeyama