Red Sea Liveaboard Diving

Red Sea Liveaboard Diving

Red Sea liveaboard diving has something to offer for every diver. With competitively priced cruises, this makes it one of the top liveaboard dive destinations.

Red Sea liveaboard diving encompasses the unique countries of Egypt, Sudan, Oman and Djibouti. The Red Sea has such a vast amount of dive sites and areas it is possible to revisit time and time again. There are many different liveaboard cruise destination to enjoy each holiday.

The popular destination of Egypt has its well-established links to tourism and the dive industry. Cruises in Egypt cover the northern and southern parts of the Red Sea with wrecks and reefs to explore. The liveaboards in Oman are less known but have been running for many years to the fantastic dive sites. Sudan has relatively fewer divers than its neighbours meaning uncrowded adventures in the southern part of the Sea. Djibouti at the very southern tip of the peninsula has diverse diving with predictable whale shark encounters.

The cruises offer diving for all certification levels with great visibility being a common factor to all the destinations; there is something for every diver to enjoy.

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Red Sea Liveaboard Diving - 75 LIVEABOARDS

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Red Sea Aggressor III Liveaboard in Egypt

Join the Aggressor fleets southern Red Sea Liveaboard to dive the best sites in Egypt.

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Nemo Liveaboard in the Red Sea

Budget-friendly liveaboard diving Djibouti and Sudan in the Red Sea.

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Jessica Liveaboard in Egypt

Jessica offers budget-friendly Red Sea dive cruise for up to 30 guests.

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Best Places to Dive in the Red Sea

The choice of different itineraries and types of diving in the Red Sea is huge. Tec divers can also be accommodated on some of the liveaboard cruises.

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Egypt is the most famous destination in the Red Sea and covers two areas offer some world-famous sites. In the north, there are the wrecks of Abu Nuhas and Thistlegorm along with the reef dives of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park and the Straits of Tiran. The southern cruises require more experience due to the sea conditions, but the rewards can be incredible.

Egypt Scuba Diving Destination

The remote destination of Sudan in the Red Sea is only visited by relatively few divers each year. Some luxury liveaboards depart from here to explore the untouched sites that are rich with diversity and quantity of life. Walls, reefs, wrecks and a high variety of fish, pelagic and coral life make this an up and coming destination.

Sudan scuba diving destination

Oman's Musandam Peninsula, conveniently located close to Dubai's major highway making a liveaboard cruise here very accessible. The relatively unknown dive destination is growing in popularity due to the plankton-rich water and exotic marine life it contains. Whale sharks and even sunfish have been spotted here among the many macro and fish species.

Oman Dive Destination