Best diving spots in Southeast Asia Diving Destinations

Best diving spots in Southeast Asia Diving Destinations

Southeast Asia diving destinations are endless. Some of the best liveaboard diving destinations in the world are in this area –  Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

Southeast Asia diving destinations offer some of the best diving in the world. The best diving in these areas can be very isolated. Thus, making a liveaboard dive cruise the only way to get to many dive spots.

Indonesia has over seventeen thousand islands. This island nation sits right in the middle of the area known as the Coral Triangle. Within Indonesia, there are many distinct scuba diving destinations. Each great dive area offers exceptional liveaboard diving.

Thailand has many great diving destinations. There are the Similan Islands, to name just one excellent dive area. White sandy beaches fringe these islands that are surrounded by crystal clear sparkling waters. Explore dive sites created by dramatic boulder formations.

Philippines makes for a world-class diving destination, due to the remote location of these islands and their marine life. There are thousands of colourful and fantastic dive sites. Wrecks, thresher sharks, macro and pelagic species, they are all waiting for you!

Myanmar scuba diving liveaboards visit the remote Mergui Archipelago. Many species of sharks and rays are seen around the beautiful and unspoiled islands. As well as large pelagic sitings, divers can also find rare, macro life.

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Best diving spots in Southeast Asia Diving Destinations - 146 LIVEABOARDS

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Best Places to Dive in Southeast Asia

The choice and diversity of diving destinations in South-East Asia are immense. Click on the links below for more detailed information about these great diving destinations.

In Indonesia diversity is the keyword for diving. The range of different dive destinations and dive sites is phenomenal. Exhilarating drift dives, stunning wall dives, pinnacles full of fish, unique muck diving, beautiful reef dives, fantastic night dives, diving on bubbling reefs next to volcanoes, Indonesia has it all!

Indonesia scuba diving destination

Diving in Thailand can be separated into two areas - North Andaman Sea and South Andaman Sea. In the north, you will find the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock. In the south, the famous dive sites of Hin Daeng & Hin Muang and Phi Phi Islands.

Liveaboard Diving Thailand - leopard shark

Diving in the Philippines offers many different experiences. Go diving early morning to see Thresher sharks. Look for critters in the muck diving areas. Dive along beautiful coral reefs. The opportunities for an exceptional dive experience are endless.

Philippines scuba diving destination

Myanmar offers the ultimate in dive exploration. Not many liveaboards visit this area, and so you can enjoy an exclusive diving holiday. Pinnacles covered in sea fans, stunning soft corals and giant manta rays at Black Rock are just some of the experiences awaiting you.