Terms & Conditions

Please note these Terms and Conditions and read them carefully before using this website or making an online booking. Your use of our website or service and or booking system confirms that you acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below. We may amend our Terms and Conditions and may notify you when we do so.

Throughout these Terms and Conditions, the words “All 4 Diving Liveaboards”, “us”, “we” and “our”, refer to our company All 4 Diving Liveaboards Ltd and our Website, or any services.

Best Price Guarantee

Our prices are so competitive that All 4 Diving Liveaboards pledges to make sure that guests pay the lowest price possible for the liveaboard cruise holiday. We have an agreement with our service providers to get the best price available, and we will offer you the lowest price possible at the time of booking.

You will pay for your liveaboard cruise according to the payment conditions of the service provider. We do not insist that you pay for your liveaboard cruise in full upon booking. We will not charge extra fees if you decide to pay an initial deposit and then the balance later.

We guarantee to match or, if possible, beat the price of another website offering lower rates. You need to provide us with all details of the other offers. The offer should be for precisely the same liveaboard cruise, including the same boat, same dates, same cabins, same inclusions and exclusion and same booking conditions. If any aspect of the other offer is different, including any special membership rates, loyalty programs, All 4 Diving Liveaboards will not be able to match the offer.

All 4 Diving Liveaboards will do our best to offer you a price that you will be happy with.

1. Scope of Service

a) Our “online booking system” assists you to book accommodation and diving services directly with a service provider. The “service provider” is the operator that offers a “product” or “service”. A “product” or “service” is a liveaboard dive cruise, including accommodation, dives or diving packages or any services included in the option you book.

b) All 4 Diving Liveaboards does not charge you for the use of our website or online booking system.

c) All 4 Diving Liveaboards acts solely as the intermediary agent between you and the service provider. Our online booking system enables you to make a booking directly with the service provider and charges a fee accordingly to the service provider. All 4 Diving Liveaboards Ltd is not a party in this agreement.

d) The “booking” is a reservation that forms an agreement between the “guest” and the service provider. Guest(s) are all parties who book a liveaboard cruise, accommodation, activity offered by the service provider.

e) All 4 Diving Liveaboards holds no responsibility for the product provided by the service provider to the guest(s).

f) Bookings created through the online booking system will constitute a direct contract between you and the service provider in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the booking, including but not limited to fees, costs, charges and taxes, and any cancellation or no-show charges. The guest(s) is solely responsible for reading and understanding the service provider’s terms before making a booking.

g) Information displayed on the website is based on information given by the service provider. All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the availabilities. Bookings made online are subject to the availability of the requested product provided by the service provider. Up-to-date availabilities are solely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of provision by the service provider, and All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held responsible if space is no longer available.

h) We provide all information on our website in good faith and, it is believed correct at the time of publication. All 4 Diving Liveaboards will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies due to out of date information provided by the service provider.

i) The service provider provides information on the schedules or itineraries as a sample only. These itineraries are subject to change at any time. The service provider and or Captain may choose to alter the itinerary due to weather conditions, vessel safety and security, specific requests by the majority of guests, acts of God, force majeure or for any other reason.

j) All 4 Diving Liveaboards does not endorse any of the service providers. We make no representations concerning the affordability, quality, safety or suitability of the service providers, or their ability to deliver the product.

k) All 4 Diving Liveaboards reserves the right to cancel the booking according to the applicable booking policy if the guest(s) do not provide any information necessary for All 4 Diving Liveaboards to complete a booking.

l) All 4 Diving Liveaboards reserves the right to adjust prices and conditions without notice. If the service provider decides to alter their prices and pass these along to their guest(s), All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held responsible for their action. In such instance, we will advise you of the situation, and in general, the guest(s) should have the right to cancel the said activity, and we will do our best to assist negotiations with that service provider. We cannot be held responsible for any such changes made by the service provider.

2. Privacy

All 4 Diving Liveaboards is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal information. We will only collect, use and disclose information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

3. Payment

a) Deposit payment will secure the guest’s place with that service provider however the booking only becomes valid after full payment has been received.

b) All major credit cards via PayPal are accepted for online payment or you can pay manually with a bank transfer.

c) All 4 Diving Liveaboards reserves the right to charge the costs incurred for payments that are not performed correctly – such as credit card chargebacks and or/in instances where less than the invoiced amount is received via bank transfer. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure they select “remitter pays all fees” “charge ALL fees to my account” to ensure the beneficiary receives complete payment. Short payments will be invoiced back to the guest(s) and best avoided as this will incur additional bank and potential currency exchange fees.

d) Once full payment has been received, we will issue a booking voucher. This booking voucher serves as proof of your booking so please take a copy (digital or physical) with you when boarding the cruise.

e) After deposit/full payment we will issue an invoice as proof of payment and for your administration. The booking for a product or service is not valid until paid in full.

f) Ideally, the guest(s) makes full payment at time of booking, thereby minimising the additional bank charges the guest(s) will face making multi-payments. We hold any balance payment funds and only pay to the service provider at their deadline for payments. Please refer to the cancellation section for terms and conditions governing cancellations.

g) All 4 Diving Liveaboards relies on our partners, such as OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Stripe and PayPal for payment and transactional services. All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held responsible for their services.

h) All our rates are charged in Euro or USD. Payment is payable in the currency indicated in the booking confirmation. The exchange rate and quotations in other currencies on All 4 Diving Liveaboards website are for informative purposes only.

4. Cancellation

a) The cancellation terms and conditions of the booked service provider/s apply to any booking made via All 4 Diving Liveaboards. Any cancellations made within the terms and conditions of that service provider will be refunded to you immediately on receipt of these funds by All 4 Diving Liveaboards. All 4 Diving Liveaboards are in no way responsible for any refunds not issued by the service provider or any refund of any part of the guest’s booking the guest(s) wishes to cancel outside of the accepted cancellation terms and conditions of that service provider. In case of any delinquent refund from the service provider, All 4 Diving Liveaboards will do their best to negotiate on your behalf however we do not accept responsibility for said refund.

b) If a guest(s) is a no-show for a trip or departs early from a trip, this is deemed to be the same as a cancellation, and no refund applies.

c) In the case of a guest(s) requesting a booking amendment All 4 Diving Liveaboards will do the best to help the guest(s) find a suitable alternative trip subject to availability.

d) In case of cancellation with refund or any amendment, we will charge an additional 3% administration fee to cover our marketing, sales and payment processing expenses.

e) If there are delays during the liveaboard’s maintenance period or the liveaboard is not in a condition to sail, the service provider has the right to operate the same itinerary with a different vessel. In this case the guest(s) has to accept the change of vessel. If the standard of the vessel lacks important facilities compensation can be sought, but this is not an obligation by the service provider/s.

f) The service provider has the right to replace the vessel and operate the same itinerary as long as the vessel offers similar standards as the liveaboard or cruise boat that was initially booked by the guest(s). All 4 Diving Liveaboards will not be liable for disputes arising out of the appointment of a different vessel or itinerary.

g) The service provider has the right to change the cabin allocation depending on availability and the condition of the cabin for use. All 4 Diving Liveaboards will not be liable for disputes arising out of cabin changes.

h) Due to trip cancellations, shortened trips, delayed or re-scheduled trips, you may be eligible for a refund. In such instances, the terms and conditions are solely those offered by that service provider and All 4 Diving Liveaboards in no way accept responsibility, however we will do our best to negotiate on the guest’s behalf should it become necessary.

i) The cancellation policy always applies to the total booking amount. In case of a partial refund we will apply an additional 3% administration fee to cover credit card, bank transfer and/or handling costs incurred.

j) Cancellations always need to be received in writing by email to [email protected] to avoid any misunderstanding. Cancellations must be received at least 2 working days before the service provider’s cancellation dates stipulated on our website and/or booking conditions in order for All 4 Diving Liveaboards to meet the cancellation deadline with the service provider.

5. Responsibility of the guest(s)

a) By booking products provided through the online booking system you agree that you reviewed the standards and requirements of the service provider, including but not limited to minimum diving certification requirement and/or minimum required logged dives, diving insurance requirements, personal information that the service provider requires you to provide, and forms that the Service Provider requires you to sign, such as Medical Statement, Liability Release or Assumption of Risk Agreement forms. You are responsible for understanding and complying with the requirements. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in your inability to use the Services, and late cancellation fee may apply.

b) The service provider is responsible for your transport from pier/harbour/beach to the vessel in the case of a liveaboard. In many instances service providers will provide transport, either paid or on a fee basis, from the airport, point of arrival. In any instance where the service provider does not provide this service, then it is the guest(s) responsibility to arrange their own transport to/from the vessel transfer point. For other transport, All 4 Diving Liveaboards may offer some suggestion for airlines, hotels and transfer options, but holds no affiliation with these third party suppliers and therefore cannot be held accountable for their services.

c) Guests are strongly recommended to having the appropriate diving, travel and medical insurance to cover any/all activities set out in their booking.

d) The guest(s) agrees to respect the rules of the service provider. The guest(s) acknowledge that if the rules of the boat are broken, the service provider (or captain) can deny entry on board, deny diving activities or any of the services offered by the service provider. Also, the service provider or Captain has the right to put the guest(s) onshore terminating all activities with that service provider if they seriously breach such rules as set by the service provider.

e) The guest(s) themselves are responsible to meet the passport, visa, health requirements to enter the country or countries where their trip is operated. In most instances passports must be valid for the period a minimum of 6 months plus all the dates of the booking. In addition, many countries also require each guest has a few spare/valid pages in their passport.

f) The guest(s) will be responsible for all costs involved in reaching the vessel if you are delayed or fail to reach the vessel by the scheduled time of departure. Alternative arrangement to reach the vessel may be possible to arrange locally. All costs such as staying at onshore accommodations, alternative diving arrangements etc. are the responsibility of the guest(s). We advise the guest(s) to travel at least a day prior to their boarding date and to consider to have an extra day on land before the day of the return flight.

g) The guest(s) is solely responsible for following safe diving practices and the recommendations of their training institution on ‘no-fly’ timing after diving. In general, it is recommended to allow for a minimum of 24 hours no-fly time following a multi-day liveaboard or multi-day diving holiday.

6. Liability

a) All 4 Diving Liveaboards is only an intermediary on bookings between the guest(s) and the service provider and therefore, cannot be held responsible for possible shortcomings in the service provider’s performance.

b) All 4 Diving Liveaboards should not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances. A service provider may require the guest(s) to sign a liability waiver. If you refuse to sign you may be refused entrance on the liveaboard or access to any other activity.

c) All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held liable, accountable or responsible for:

  1. delays of flights and or transfer companies.
  2. wrong information published on service provider websites.
  3. any losses you suffer due to failure to allow sufficient time for your journey, for example, missed flights.
  4. property damage, personal injuries or wrongful death that may occur during any activities, by cause of the intrinsic risks associated with scuba diving, or any activity offered by the service provider, or as a result of omissions or acts of other third parties.
  5. changes in vessel used by the service provider, changes in cabin appointments or any other changes in how the service provider chooses to execute the booked liveaboard or cruise holiday.
  6. delays, changes or cancellation of service when the product or service cannot be executed partly or wholly owing to acts of god, political unrest as well as military or civil conflicts and terrorist activities, strikes, criminal acts, force majeure, quarantine, personal injury, mechanical breakdowns, sickness, or due to any unforeseeable circumstances beyond the service provider’s control.

d) We reserve the right to amend bookings if necessary. All 4 Diving Liveaboards can amend the itinerary, the vessel and the cabin allocation. All 4 Diving Liveaboards cannot be held liable for disputes arising from the change of the vessel, itinerary or cabin allocation, so long as the proposed alternative by All 4 Diving Liveaboards is of similar value to the booking.

e) If All 4 Diving Liveaboards is found responsible for mistakes on the booking, then the amount charged to the service provider for the service provided (i.e. the commission amount) is the maximum liability.

7. Complaints and disputes

a) All 4 Diving Liveaboards only acts as the intermediary agent, therefore the quality of service provided by the service providers is not the responsibility of All 4 Diving Liveaboards. In case the guest(s) is dissatisfied with the service provided, the guest(s) should immediately discuss/lodge their complaint directly with the Tour Leader/Cruise Director/Captain or in the case of other diving/tour activities the person responsible at that service provider.

b) Complaints made after guest(s) return from a trip will be passed to the service provider as constructive feedback to improve their services.

c) In most cases, the law of the country in which the transportation/activity took place is applicable to the relationship between the guest(s) and the service provider. Disputes between you as guest and the service provider will generally have to be settled in the country which the trip provided by the service provider took place.

d) All 4 Diving Liveaboards may help you to file a complaint if you tell us within 7 days of the end of that activity. You will need to provide a record of the complaint detailing what happened, when it happened and the persons it involved, that is truly factual and concise. A 5% administration fee deducted in the event that you are entitled to and receive a refund after your trip.

e) Please submit complaints about the service involving our website, payment collection or booking service provided by All 4 Diving Liveaboards to [email protected] Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

f) If the guest(s) pays by credit or debit card the guest(s) agree not to file a card chargeback with regards to the purchase without first corresponding with All 4 Diving Liveaboards. Please provide details of your dispute and allow us reasonable time to investigate and respond to your dispute. If you breach this agreement and file a chargeback, upon resolution in our favour, you agree to recompense us for all costs incurred in dealing with the chargeback. These costs will include our actual costs paid to the card processor or our banks, other third parties, and the reasonable value of the time of our employees spent on the matter. We will consider a chargeback placed on a transaction as notification of cancellation by the guest(s). We may also report the incident for inclusion in the chargeback abuser databases.

8. Personal Use Only

a) You agree that the Website or the Online Booking System will not be used for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use. You will not use the information for a competitive use and will not copy, post, display, download, reproduce, re-sell, scrape, or deep-link any information, content, services, products, images or software on the Website without explicit reference to All 4 Diving Liveaboards. You will not make any false or fraudulent booking using the Online Booking System or attempt to advertise any services through posting comments or reviews.

b) All 4 Diving Liveaboards has no responsibility, and we make no representations or warranties in relation to or for the content of other third-party websites of which links appear on any of our websites or for the actions/inactions of the owners or service providers of such sites.

10. About Us

All 4 Diving Liveaboards Ltd
Room 3603, Level 36, Tower 1, Enterprise Square 5,
38 Wang Chiu Road,
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong

Business Registration Certificate: 68077627-000-08-17-1

All 4 Diving Liveaboards can be reached by email or phone at:
[email protected]
ph: +44 1234 911 646 or +1 (424) 400 2323
fax: +62 361 282 336

Bank Account details:
All 4 Diving – Liveaboards Limited
Account No: 035-802-417662-831
OCBC Wing Hang
161 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong

Bank code: 035
Branch Code: 802
Swift Code: WIHBHKHH
IBAN No: Not applicable/nor available for the bank at this time

To minimise your bank charges, we recommend you consider paying the full total of your booking immediately, rather than first a deposit and then a balance at a later time.

Please send us a copy of your bank transfer by fax or scan email to [email protected] thank you.